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ObesityMed Obesity Clinic
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ObesityMed Obesity Clinic

ObesityMed is a clinic specialising in obesity treatment in Malaga.

Comprehensive Obesity Treatment

Free Personalised Study
Recommendation of the Best Technique
Multidisciplinary Follow-up

Medical techniques for the treatment of obesity

Apollo Method
Intragastric Balloon
Gastric Banding
Nutritional Re-education
Improving Eating Habits
Calorie and Nutrient Study
Nutritional Coaching

Obesity is a chronic disease that requires a multidisciplinary approach to its treatment. The goal of treatment is to achieve significant and sustainable weight loss to improve the patient's health and quality of life. Here are some clinical treatments for obesity:

Lifestyle changes: long-term weight loss is achieved primarily through lifestyle changes, such as healthy eating and regular physical activity. Patients can work with a nutritionist and personal trainer to achieve their weight loss goals.

Medications: There are several medications that can be used to treat obesity, such as anorectics, which reduce appetite and increase metabolism, and fat absorption inhibitors, which prevent the body from absorbing certain fats.

Bariatric surgery: Bariatric surgery is an option for morbidly or severely obese patients. The surgery can significantly reduce weight and improve obesity-related co-morbidities such as diabetes, hypertension and sleep apnoea.

Endoscopic treatments: Endoscopic treatments are less invasive options than bariatric surgery and may be suitable for patients with moderate to severe obesity. These treatments include intragastric balloon and endoscopic gastroplasty.

It is important to note that any treatment for obesity must be personalised and supervised by a specialised medical team.


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